OKI ARM 67Q500x errata

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I am designing in the ML67Q5003 ARM chip from OKI and was prompted to
check their most recent errata sheet.  The old one was from April of
this year and the new one had a date of Oct 20.  They are shipping ES3
chips with the mass production (MP) chips being the same parts, but
about two weeks out I am told.  But the errata does not show any issues
having been fixed!  They still talk about the ES1 die, but do not
indicate that anything has been fixed in the ES3 or MP chips.  

Anyone know what is going on at OKI with this chip family?  They are
very, very hard to get any info from.  I sent an email to my local rep
today, but I expect no answer will come from that for a couple of days
at least since support seems to be a game of telephone with OKI.  


Rick "rickman" Collins

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