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Hi comp.arch.embedded!

   First, let me say, from what I've read, you are all very nice and
polite  and HELPFUL people. I think its ok to thank you all in advance,
because I doubt that anyone will not be pleasent. So, thanks!

Now, on to the meat. I have been doing a ton of research on a certain USB
perpherial that I wanted to build and expand upon.

http://www.stndev.btinternet.co.uk /

Looks sweet, and possibly within my capabilities of building, and
expanding upon. A quick background - I am an EE major at Michigan State,
with one (yikes!) class in assembly programming on the motorola 68HC11.
I've done well in my EE courses, enjoyed them, but have a problem seeing
them in real life (someone mentioned lancaster books?? maybe those would

So, I have a few questions that (hopefully!) you guys and gals will be
willing to help with.

1st: Since the original chip maker cypress, in there infinite wisdom
(read: greed) decided to eliminate their UV erasable chip line, and jack
up the price of the starter kit 400%, is there another manufacture of USB
chips that sells a good hobby like starter kit, for rather cheap? Someone
mention devasys, but all of their boards are sold, except for one full
speed USB.

2nd: Will the code be easy to port? Is assembly for one chip as easy as
the next?

3rd: Is there any website for USB hobby development? I think serial is
still the main flame of most hobbyist.

4th: If I post code/problems/woes, will this group be able help, or is
that crossing the line of becoming a leech?

Oh, for those curious - I'd like to make a couple different 15 pin
adapters to my USB chip, using hardwired binary signals, to have the chip
compatible with N64, PSX, NES, Genesis, SNES, Atari 2600 and Saturn
controllers (maybe eventually Dreamcast, Xbox, gamecube)

Once again, thanks in advance!

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