Where to start?: Another Neophyte looking for some advice.

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Hi All,
I am sorry to bother you experienced guys here. I am a software person
with c/C++ knowledge. I am interested in learning embedded systems
programming. I have started with assembly programming for Motorola
6011 and 6012. I would like your opinion on, how good is it to start
with this processor to learn? Does it represent state of the art
technology? Are there any requirements for this knowledge? The book
that I am using by Dr. Jonathan Valvano is pretty good. Your
suggestions and advice are most welcome.

Thank you,

Re: Where to start?: Another Neophyte looking for some advice.
Hi Jan-Hinnerk,

Thank you for your detailed reply. It was really very helpful.
As for my needs of embedded systems.... honestly I am doing this to
learn so that I should be able to do lower level programming with
C/C++. May be for a mobile device or something. I am looking for a
live project to work upon ...just to get some expereince. All this
finally is for a job that I am looking for. I just finieshed my MS in
Computer Science from UC, Ohio. And it seems most jobs in wireless
industry require some experience with embedded systems.
please let me know if you have any ideas about projects that I would
be happy to work upon.


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Thanks for pointing out :) It was a typo on my part.

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Re: Where to start?: Another Neophyte looking for some advice.

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my general advise is to start with something *very* easy. At first there are
enough problems with your compiler, programmer and accessing hardware
(without an OS).

IMHO it is also a good idea to do some small thing in assembler. This gives
you a better feeling of what's going on. However, it is not absolutely

Finding a project idea is not easy. Look for something you need/want. My
first real project was interfacing an PC-keyboard to an AMIGA500. Or do
something nice as a present for a friend (e.g. the ultimate kitchen timer,
a hard-to-destroy-remote-control, a device with fancy flashing LEDs).

Just keep your mind open and some project will find you ;-)


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