electrical projects for diploma students and engg

i need some electrical projects . please send me any one.

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Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Or NE1 :)


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Paul E. Schoen

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Sorry no project plan - you have to do the planning yourself.

About 5 to 8 years ago somebody (I think it was on this newsgroup) suggested a Lift project as one of the most flexible and scalable projects around.

It offers scalable construction and controllable project scope. From a totally hand driven hoist to a computer controlled system with dynamic acceleration and braking as well as passenger pickup prediction.

If a motor is used, control can be by switches an embedded controller or by PC with suitable I/O (Parallel port, Serial Port or USB) and some controller or logic.

The mechanical part can be constructed from paper board. or a wire frame with some paper clading to a project that includes complex metal work and machanical construction and even welding.

It could also be just a computer simulation with simple or advance graphics.

Take your pick and enjoy.


Gerhard CSIR

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I like this one:

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You can control it with a PIC


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David L. Jones

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