MPEG video decoder IC

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Any single chip MPEG video solutions that decode the MPEG stream, thus
creating video....

Looking for a hardcoded IC, not one of these Cirrus or ESS parts that have
uC in them and all sorts of firmware you need to develop for them....

I want to throw the MPEG data at something and have video come out other
end, more like the Micronas and ST MP3 decode IC's

Thoughts? Links?


Re: MPEG video decoder IC
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What is "video" output? Data in a frame buffer? NTSC? Analog RGB at VGA
syncrates? Uncompressed parallel RGB data for driving a TFT-LCD?
What MPEG variant? MPEG-1? MPEG-2? MPEG-4?
Do you need to support content scrambling? Do you need to support multiple
interleaved program streams? What resolutions do you need to support? Is
de-interlacing required?

For any conceivable application that needs MPEG decoding, a microcontroller
is also required. So it's practical to integrate it into the one device for
consumer parts.

The matrix of the answers to these and other issues makes a "generic" MPEG
video IC impractical. There are hardware solutions to accelerate parts of
the problem - iDCT, MC, etc, but they're integrated into high-performance
video ASICs.

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Re: MPEG video decoder IC

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For example:
ST 5518 - ST
AVIA600 - CCube

Adam Gˇrski

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