c example to read LTC1400 SPI AD?

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Anyone know how to read the LTC1400 a/d in c using the SPI? Thanks

Re: c example to read LTC1400 SPI AD?

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    I'm sorry to say this is very dependent on the hardware (primarily) and
to some extent the particular C compiler you're using.  What are you
intending to connect it to?  A PC? A particular Micro?  Now some micros have
hardware SPI support, making the exercise fairly easy.  Others don't and you
have to "bit-bang" (emulate the hardware on a bit by bit basis) the
interface, as you would, too, on a PC.  Some embedded compilers will have
library functions to access the SPI bus again making it easy, some don't
making it harder.  The ones that do will all have different function names
and parameters.
    The answer to your question is yes, many of us know how to do this given
a schematic of the hardware, the microprocessor data sheet, the LT1400 data
sheet and the compiler manual.  Unfortunately it's knowledge gained only by
doing and cannot be passed on in the very general sens of your question.
Now if you asked the question in the following way:  "How can I read and
LTC1400 on an Atmel ATMEGA32 using imagecraft C, with the clock connected to
PortA bit 1, data connected to PortA bit 2 and Convert connected to PortA
bit 3?" someone here might very well be able to help you further.


Alf Katz
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