Migratting from LAN91C96 to LAN91C111. Any experience???

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Hi all,

We are developing a target device bassed in the DBPXA255 but we want
to migrate from the LAN91C96 Ethernet controller that they use to the
LAN91C111. There is a document that explains the main differences
between two controllers, but: There is anyone that has made this
Have you had any hardware problem???
Do I need any special advice before trying to migrate??

Thank you in advance,


Re: Migratting from LAN91C96 to LAN91C111. Any experience???

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The hardware works if it's made following the instructions. Please note that
100 Mbit/s is much less forgiving to blunders that 10 Mbit/s - though there
is little possibility to do them. Please note also that the chips need
different clock frequencies.

Mostly the change affects the NIC driver.

There are some subtle differences in the driver, e.g. the allocation sector
size has been changed from 256 bytes to 2 kbytes, so it always suffices to
allocate one sector.

In my case, the most time went to make the MII control port driver - the
internal MII is disabled on startup, so it needs to coached up with the
serial control protocol.

Otherwise, a pretty straight-forward transition.

The software is so far compatible that a common drive may be made. The
actual chip is easy to identify with the chip ID register.


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio @ iki fi

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