Accessing a Compact Flash connected in Memory Card IO mode on a Linux board

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Hi, guys.

I have a board using Freescale PowerQuicc III processor, with a CF
(Sandisk, not CF+) connected in Memory Card IO mode (8 bit connection),
running 2.6 Linux.

Actually, I don't yet have the board to try things on it and see how it
works, but I'd like to get prepared till it arrives.

I have the following questions concerning the way this CF should be
1. Is there a difference, in terms of the drivers that should be used
for read/write/erase access, between CF connected in different modes
(say Memory Card IO mode vs. True IDE)?

2. Are there available off-the-shelf drivers for accessing the CF in

3. If there are existing drivers in Linux kernel for accessing the CF
this mode, what is the correct kernel configuration to enable those

Thanks a lot, your help is most welcome

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