FLASH storage technology

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I'm looking at four FLASH storage technologies for an industrial
application.  I need 128Meg of storage on a single device, and I need Linux
support for filesystems compatible with the media.  I'm looking at:

 - CF
 - MMC
 - SD
 - SmartMedia

Any insight would be appreciated, particularly regarding cost-to-implement
and future availability.


Re: FLASH storage technology
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CF has hardware IDE emulation. If you're using an SBC, this might be
compelling. Also you have plenty of upwards expansion capability, as far as
a gigabyte or so. It's very very easy to work with, both in x86 environments
and in "real" embedded environments.

MMC and SD have low I/O budget requirements and the connector is easy to
work with. It's fairly easy to write the firmware.

I don't think I'd recommend SSFDC. It seems to be losing the format wars,
and if you need more than 128Mb you're apparently SOL (256Mb has been talked
about, but I haven't actually seen a product). However, it is readily
available and not very expensive.

MMC, SD and SSFDC are cartel-controlled (MMC least of all). You need "club
membership" to work with these formats.

Re: FLASH storage technology
CF is IDE-like interface, you needn't to do any software work
on it, it maybe the most fast-to-market solution.



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