HighTec GNU C/C++ Debugger problems


thanks for your advices. the gnu c/c++ compiler looks good. i think, i will use it for my projects, but i got some more problems: I compiled with gmake the example *.c files with the example-makefile. this works fine.

then I opened the TGDB and tried to load the sertest.o file to my target board. i opened it with "file - load program". then i typed "target c16x com1 9600". but the debugger can't load the monitor. i tried some different baudrates and some different monitors, but it is still the same.

whats the problem???

some general information about my environment: Source file: sertest.c (located in the EXAMPLES directory) Make-file: makefile(also located in EXAMPLES directory) Hostplatform: Win XP Pro and Home (PC and Laptop) Target: Keil MCB-167 NET Eval Board

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Microcontroller: Infineon C167CS-LM

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To what address is the final output file linked ? I assume the monitor program you are using expects the file to be loaded at a specific address ? You must ensure that your linker script file specifies the correct addresses.

Regards Anton Erasmus

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Anton Erasmus

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