Cannot call C function in "Simple" boot loader

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I am trying to boot up a monta vista linux kernel with vxworks boot
loader. The vxworks boot loader can load the "Simple" boot loader and
execute it with no
problem. But when relocate.S tried to call the C function
decompress_kernel() in misc-simple.c, it was stucked and can't go
through. I guess there are some stack setup or something else I didn't
do it right. Could you give any advice on what could be the problem
during C function calling?

BTW, I found this comment in relocate.S:

/* Move this code somewhere safe.  This is max(load + size, end)
 * BIG ASSUMPTION:  Addresses below 0x80000000 are assumed to be
 * in RAM, and addresses above 0x80000000 are assumed to be in
 * Flash.  The cmpw instruction below does a signed integer
 * comparison, so when comparing a RAM address to a Flash address
 * the RAM address will always be greater.  This allows the
 * relocation to work when the load address is in Flash.
 * r8 == load address
    GETSYM(r4, start)
    GETSYM(r5, end)
    sub r6,r5,r4
    add r6,r8,r6    /* r6 == phys(load + size) */

I don't quite understand the assumption, i.e. addresses below
0x80000000 are RAM and above are Flash. Where is this assumption
reflected in this Simple boot loader? For the board I am using,
addresses below 0xFFE00100 are RAM and addresses above 0xFFEE00100 are
Flash. How should I change the code (or Makefile?) according to my
hardware spec?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Re: Cannot call C function in "Simple" boot loader
Hi Frank,

I see you're still struggling over the PPC board and vxworks boot loader.

Frank wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Lots of reasons.  Did the relocate work? Is the cache off? If it is not
then the relocation may only happen in the data cache and the
instruction cache may not know about it, so that when you jump to the
code, you go nowhere.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Ignore this unless you have over 2 Gigs of RAM.  This is just a easy way
to determine if the code is in RAM or Flash. Yes the flash is usually
above the 0xffe00000 region which is over 0x80000000, and unless you
have more that 2 gigs of RAM or your board maps ram from other than zero
physical address (both unlikely), then you can assume that this
assumtion is correct.

-- Steve

Re: Cannot call C function in "Simple" boot loader
Hello Steve,

Yes, I am still struggling. I got some progress, but slowly. ;*( I
think I have solve the problem between boot loader and linux kernel.
Now I got some problems with the kernel booting up.

Right now my vxworks boot loader can start the simple boot loader and
simple boot loader can take over the control and make some
initialization such as serial port initialization etc. And I did get
the serial output such as
"loaded at xxxx xxxx
relocated to xxxx xxxx
zImage at xxxx xxxx
avail ram xxxx xxxx

Now booting the kernel"

But the system hangs after this output. I check the code and found the
head_4xx.S (I am using 405GP) has been called. But somehow the program
stopped at the following part:

/* We now have the lower 16 Meg mapped into TLB entries, and the
 * ready to work.

    li  r0,MSR_KERNEL
    mtspr   SRR1,r0
    lis r0,start_here@h
    ori r0,r0,start_here@l
    mtspr   SRR0,r0
    rfi             /* enables MMU */

I don't quite understand how these code can stop the program. Look
like they are simply calling "start_here" and then restoring PC and
MSR. But I put the break point in start_here and was sure that
start_here hasn't been called. Do you have any clue?

Thanks a lot and look forard to hearing from you.


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