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Could anyone introduce me some high speed MCU with either 8 bits or 16 bits? But the speed is better to be 50MHz or above?


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eeh skrev:

The number of possible choices is almost infinite. Could you be a bit more specific on what you need? Your question is a bit like asking "can you recommend a good car for me"? I sure would not want to be the one responsible for making a randy teenager have to go cruising for chicks in a beat-up old Volvo station wagon (as I had to do 20 years ago...).

Here are a few questions I would ask when choosing an MCU:

How do you know that you need >50 MHz? Would that not depend on how well the MCU/compiler combination uses the power? Two MCUs with the same frequency can have different performance, due to the instruction set, data widths (8 vs 16 vs 32 bits, for example), memory access speeds, additional HW (MAC support, HW CRC calculators, etc.).

Do you have any preferences regarding toolchains (emulators, compilers, debuggers, etc.)? For example, do you require Lauterbach support? Do you want on-chip debug?

What language do you want to program in? Most chips have assembler and C, much fewer 8/16-bit MCUs have C++.

Do you want on-chip RAM, flash memory and/or EEPROM? How much?

Do you need more than 64k address space? Do you hate bank switching as much as I do?

What peripherals do you want? (serial ports, timers, I2C, CAN, Ethernet, USB, smartcard, LED drive capability, digital in/out, etc.)

What memories do you need to connect externally, if any? (DRAM, SRAM, SDRAM, etc). Or are you perhaps completely without memory mapped peripherals, so you can make do with an MCU without external address bus?

Is this a price sensitive application?

What voltage are you targeting? 5V? 3.3V? 1.8V?

Will you need 2nd source suppliers for your part?

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Hans Odeberg

Have a look at

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Regards Petr

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