Force high-speed (480Mbps) with Cypress FX2

The answer didn't leap out at me from the data sheet, so...

I'm working on a Cypress-FX2 based board, and the driver has decided to bring the link up in full-speed mode rather than high-speed mode.

Can anyone offer some pointers on how to force it to high-speed? The port does work at 4800Mbps, But I've never seen it do that with this FX2.


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Are you sure that its a high speed port and that your descriptors are correct? (Apologies for any egg sucking)

Surely not quite /that/ fast :-)


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Andrew Jackson


I'm pretty sure it's a high speed port. Device manager reports it as an EHCI, and with my pocket drive (USB2->SATA) I get 15M bytes/second transfer rates.

What would I look for in the descriptors? And yes, that was a typo. Oops.


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