Experience with Compulabs CM-X270 ?


We are looking for a new embedded board.

We have found Compulabs CM-X270

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It has all the features we need and the price is fair.

Does anybody have any experience with this board? Good or Bad.


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Erik Hansen
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I found the same solution. Very attractive price and feature set. If you do not believe that you will need support from Compulabs, go for it. If you may need support you will find that you will be pi##ing in the wind. They are VERY slow to respond (4 to 5 days) and only have email support.

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We're using the same board. Did you go this route? If so, have yo attempted to develop your own carrier board for it? We're having som problems with the carrier board we designed and are looking for assistanc from someone who may have already designed and tested one.

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