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Hi All,

Do to tight time pressures, we are looking at using the nifty edBox-302
devices from edevice.com for our initial prototype.

It is external RS-232 port connected GPRS modem with onboard UDP/TCP/FTP etc
stacks, just right for a quick and dirty prototype hack.

See http://www.edevice.com/content/solution/gsmbox.htm !

The problem is we were quoted locally here in South-east Asia, for the
edBox-302 unit as well as their dev kit, prices which are about four to five
times the cost of a normal GSM/GPRS modem. This sounds extremely out of
proportion but we were told that edevice has fixed the price this way. We
don't want to take it up with edevice just yet and are looking to this
group's experience and knowledge in the matter.

Question: Does anybody have experience with these thingys ?

More importantly, what kind of prices for sample units as well as dev kits,
for the edBox-302 or similar, are being offered ?

We are wondering whether the proverbial knife is being held to our throats

Thanks in advance. Oh, and if you do not want to post any sensitive replies
to this news group in this case (we hope you do), sent private email.


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