Dual processor Pentium M system wanted.

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Hi. I have some applications I am considering to use one of the
embedded versions of the Pentium M in due to its relatively low power
consumption as using fans for heat sinking is out of question. In order
to have processing power reserve I would like to use two processors in
a SMP like configuration, if possible. Another possibility is using a
second processor as a coprocessor. In either case I have no clue of
where to look at for information. I plan to hire some design house to
develop the board but before it I would like to have a basic knowledge
of the matter.

I would appreciate comments on the viability of either approach and
directions/links to look at.



Re: Dual processor Pentium M system wanted.
On 10 Apr 2005 07:52:39 -0700, "Elder Costa snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com"

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I think VIA has made a dual MINI-ITX

http://www.mini-itx.com /

That might be an alternative , and usually they are low wattage and
low price.


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