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I want to install Linux in the CF card?
What imformation can I get ?

Re: Can I do it?
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You need information about how to install linux. :)

If say seriously, you can use IDE2CF "device" it's can show CF like IDE

Re: Can I do it?
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I had installed Linux on a floppy.
But, where can get the  IDE2CF's circuit diagram!

Re: Can I do it?

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There is really no need for a circuit diagram as such. Most Compact Flash to
IDE adapters that I have seen are simple "signal to signal" mappings with a
few power supply bypass capacitors thrown in for good measure. By tieing
the appropriate pins to the appropriate supply rails the compact flash
device will power up into "True IDE" mode where it presents an IDE
interface. Then it's simply a matter of mapping D0 on the compact flash
socket to D0 of the IDE pin header...

To my knowledge to claim to be compliant with the compact flash spec all
memory devices must support True IDE mode (it's a different story with say
a bluetooth interface module in the form factor of a compact flash card).

I don't know where you can find a nice schematic for such an adapter, my
suggestion would be download the compact flash specification from their
website and have a look at it's pin description table. In the specification
there is a table specifying which pin match up to the applicable IDE
signal, and the requirements to get the device to power up into such a

Now it is also possible to get compact flash to IDE interfaces which are a
bit more "smarter", i.e. support hotswaping of devices (assuming support by
OS etc), or for 5 and 3.3V devices etc etc. But I havn't had experience in
those sorts of interfaces.

Probably the easiest way to install Linux on a compact flash device is to go
out and buy a commerical compact flash to IDE adapter card, plug it into
your IDE bus of your computer and install like normal.

One thing to be on the look out for though is to not enable a swap
partition, or make sure it's enabled on a ramfs filesystem (or equivalent).
You don't want the device swapping out to your compact flash card :-)

Christopher Fairbairn.  

Re: Can I do it?
Thank you very much. ^(^
I will try it do my best!

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Re: Can I do it?
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Basically, take instructions for installing Linux on a floppy disk, and use
those instructions to pare down your Linux distribution small enough to fit
the card.

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