build an embedded webserver


I want to build an embedded webserver and I wil start programing a webserver with a 8-bit Dos-compiler.

Before I spend along of time to program the TCP/IP-stack I search someone who can help me to an 8-bit TCP/IP-stack that I can use.

Thanks, Peter

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Jim Stewart

There is no such thing as 8-bit DOS, for any remotely common meaning of the word "DOS". The software usually referred to as just "DOS" is, and always has been, a 16-bit operating system.

You might have more luck if you specified what platform (i.e. the CPU and network peripherals being used), and what compiler you're actually talking about.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (
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Hans-Bernhard Broeker

Here is one:

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It is designed especially for

8-bit micro-controllers and has been ported to a fair number of platforms.
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*Snagged* I was going to start looking for a V20 wire-wrap project, but you may have saved me looking, thanks!
Ron Sharp.
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Android Cat

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