Auto shutoff Voltage regulator

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i am looking for a 5 volt voltage regulator that shall auto shutoff or make
its o/p = 0v after the driop after low drop stage has been reachedi dont
want an undefined voltage comuing out of the regulator. i want it to cease
o/p or make its o/p = 0V. that is for example my main source is 9v battery
and the chip can regulate till the input to it is 5.5V. Then what i want is
that once the i/p battery has discharged to 5.5V the o/p becomes 0V : i dont
want any undefined voltage( < 5v at o/p)

Re: Auto shutoff Voltage regulator
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Why insist on the voltage regulator doing that on its own?  I guess
it'd be much easier to find two chips to split this work among: one a
comparator, the other a COTS voltage regulator.  The comparator would
look at the regulator's input, and if it finds it's too low, it'd just
shut it off hard.

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