Anyone use Infineon 82C900 TwinCAN controller?

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  I am trying to comprehend the manual for the Infineon 82C900 TwinCAN
controller. I am unable to find any information on where the
identifier of a frame stored in a Receive Message Object is stored.
According to the manual, when the CAN message frame is received by the
Message Object based on the object's Arbitration Register (MSGAR) and
Acceptance Mask Register (MSGAMR) settings, the data portion of the
frame is copied into the two data registers and the Data Length Code
(DLC) field is copied into a status register of some sort whose name
escapes me at the moment. However, I have been unable to find any
mention of where the identifier of the received frame is stored. If
anyone knows this, I would appreciate a post, or better yet, an email

Mike Goltsman

Re: Anyone use Infineon 82C900 TwinCAN controller?

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From top of my head:
the TwinCAN, we support the on chip version in the Infineon XC16x series,
follows the concept of message objects, just like the old Intel 82527.
In the most cases, TwinCAN also behaves like the 82527, eg, with the message
objects and the message control registers. Each of the 32 message objects
has its own message control registers, message id and mask registers. Each
message object that should be used as receive object receives messages
according what is in the message id and the message mask registers. the
received message id replaces than the preset message id. Basic set-up should
be easy. If I don't forget, I can send you a small code example tomorrow.
Sorry today. Or I'll put it on the CAN wiki page.


with best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen

   Heinz-Jürgen Oertel
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