TwinCAN 82C900 usage

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I have HW with Infineon TwinCAN 82C900 - chip in it. Previously I have used
Intel 82527 so I'm not entirely new with CAN.

I have ported i82527 driver to work with 82C900. Only thing is that it's not
working and that's why I'm asking some help here.

At the moment there are two main problems. I can't get interrupts from chip
and I can't send anything from chip(or at least receiver on the bus don't
get any messages).

I have configured messages pretty much same than in i82527. Device 0 uses
messages 0 - 15 and device 1 uses messages 16 - 31. Device 0 uses node 0 for
interrupts and device 1 uses node 1.

I have wrote in to GLOBCTR - register value 0xA004(or 0xA007 makes no
difference) to enable /OUT0 as interrupt output. When I try to send message
INTCTR - register shows value 0x1 as pending interrupt for node 0, but CPU
don't get interrupt from CAN - chip. If I do not write 0xA004 to GLOBCTR -
register I get lots of interrupts(like I should since /OUT0 is acting like
clock output) so I think CPU end _should_ be configured correctly.

Is there something else I should do to get interrupts from the chip? I've
tried to look for every possible interrupt mask etc. but still no
interrupts. I tried to look from the net for example how to initialize the
chip, but couldn't found any. I'm using multiplexed paraller bus and since I
can write value and read same value out I _think_ read/write functions are
working ok.


Teemu Keskinarkaus @ Plenware Group /

Re: TwinCAN 82C900 usage
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Transmission problem solved(wrong bit time settings). But still no
interrupts coming from the chip even when the message is succesfully sended.

Teemu Keskinarkaus @ Plenware Group /

Re: TwinCAN 82C900 usage

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Sorry can't be of any help, because up to now only used the internal TwinCAN
of the XC16x series of micros.
But in case you have an PCI board with a TwinCAN, I'm interested in it.


oe @  

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