dsPic questions

I have some questions about the dsPic and environment:

/*Declare constants/coefficients/calibration data to be stored in DataEEPROM

*/ int _EEDATA(32) fooArrayInDataEE[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0xA,0xB,0xC,0xD,0xE,0xF};

It is working, but i am just curious what is that (32)? :-) In other code samples it's (2), and seems that nothing happens if I put there any 2^n number...


The eeprom read, write, erase routines are working fine, however using icd2 the eeprom window is not showing the changes, and I get an error message to manual refresh request. It's a mistake of my system, or a "feature" of the icd2? (I am using the MPLAB 7.50 version, my target is a dsPic30F4013. (I am sure the routines are perfect, as I can read back the written data with the routine, or read the eeprom in programmer mode.)


I can't find in the manuals, what interrupt priority level is necessary to switch the cpu back to normal mode from Sleep or Idle. I found only that if "high enough"... :-) Of course I can find it with trial-error, but better to have a correct description to avoid problems with different chip series etc.


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#define _EEDATA(N) __attribute__((space(eedata), aligned(N)))

It is the alignment space being allocated.

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