Windows 7 x64 Ultimate edition hangs during PCI to PCI bridge driver installation on Winfa...

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Windows 7 x64 Ultimate edition hangs during PCI to PCI bridge driver installation on Winfast Motherboard: NF4SK8AA

There used to be a work-around solution for this, it involved disabling a certain driver or telling windows not to detect it.

I am not even sure if it was a 100% work around but ever since I did that the system kinda works.

Now that I have re-installed windows 7 x64 ultimate edition on usb stick and successfully boot from it, this issue
has returned.

Perhaps it's somewhere in my windows live mail on windows xp system but I don't think so, not sure.

If anybody knows about this issue or has a work around let me know.

For now kinda disappointed with Microsoft Windows not fixing this issue in Windows x64 drivers.

Later I will try Windows 10 32 bit to see if it has the same crappy detection problem.

Sparky Linux works ok, so at least linux is detecting hardware properly.

I am unsure which exact chips are in my motherboard.

If you know any linux or windows tool that does detect chipset/chips correctly and can make a list that would
be helpfull.

Then I can try and diagnose the problem and maybe figure out which chip/driver or whatever it is that microsoft windows 7 is  
doing wrong, is doing.

Somehow windows 7 is getting confused, could be PCI to PCI bridge controller, it could also be that it detect
OHC controller or something and is wrong device.

I could maybe supply a list of currently installed driver on windows x64 edition on main drive ?!

Is there any way to produce a list of currently installed drivers and then duplicate that on the new usb device ?!

One idea that comes to mind is export the current control set of windows.

Saw this trick earlier to compare stuff I think that might actually work... I am not sure if this involves all drivers
but I think this might work.

So I will export the current control set to a reg key file, boot into windows on usb... quickly go to C drive or even
better store these registry keys on usb stick and try and load them quick before it hangs, then restart windows.

One problem with this method it won't help others with this motherboard or in case I loose current system configuration.

I will upload the registry key to my webdrive in case I ever need it again... cause right now windows is sucking hard with
correct driver and chip detection/installation.

Don't know how to fix or correct, don't know how to debug boot time of 10 minute which is still in this system sometime.

Might somebody with knowledge of NFORCE 4 chipset can take a look at these registry keys and see if anything is wrong.

I could also try the sysprep method to clean drivers and/or start from scratch or maybe even full re-install windows 7, though
rather not go through that process again, though with new trick it could go pretty fast, won't solve much I think...

Need to solve this wrong driver loading problem.

Bye for now,

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