IOMega Parallel Port Zip Drive not supported in Windows 7 x64

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Well so far my plan to use the IOMEGA Parallel Port zip drive in Windows 7 x64 backfired.

There are no drivers for this operating system.

The closest thing I found was:

IOMega Ware:


This is probably for windows 32 bit.

There were some others with loose sys and cat files but also didn't install.

I did try to install this ioware but I would not recommend it, it starts writing to the registry editor first I had to circumvent a warning message that it was not suited for this operating system.

Eventually I decided to cancel it cause it was taking a long time to write to the registry.

Not sure if it actually wrote anything to the registry, the registry entries probably do not contain any dates when they were added, so this is a weakness in the registry design by microsoft.

This does convince me to install older versions of windows on usb drive for these kinds of devices ;)

But for now it's too boring to get this installed and partitioned just to move some files, but I might have to do it anyway.

There might be one more possibility and that is linux, it may have some kind of parallel port driver for this zip drive so first I will investigate that as well:

Some interesting links I found:


Boot utility is claim, but trail and modifies boot sector not recommended by me:

Some shady downloads, skip the first one and find the exe name mentioned above, others might interesting some that are looking for sys files or something or cat or inf:

This one is probably nicest:

But seems to have the same file above but calls it jaz.

It does have an older version 3.1 that might be suited, and other files for w95 and windows nt.

I did find drivers on a zipdisk as well, so I might check my own driver software but since I can't access it can't look at it right now, but it's probably some older version 2.0 or so.

Anyway after this post, investigating linux support. If that fails, then well, back to network tech I guess and disable internet connection sharing.

But I kinda don't want to use network tech.

Also I may attempt to clean the pentium 166 power supply, cause oh boy are these old fans making a tiny of noise.

Not sure where the noise is coming from, wonder if there is a fan on the cpu hmm...

But first I want to secure the data before I kill this computer accidently lol. Don't plan to kill it but ya never know ! ;) =D

Fortunately plenty of space available on harddisk, so a tool like winzip or winrar should be sufficient to select some folders, compress it and send it over with my udp file transfer tool =D

MAybe I should release a free version sometime or a bitcoin or pascalcoin supported version some time =D

Bye for now,

P.S.: One driver zip on that website was really weird 0 .dll size and just a cat, seems fishy ;) I tried it anyway but not suited w7 says hmm :)

Re: IOMega Parallel Port Zip Drive not supported in Windows 7 x64
On 1/2/20 1:08 AM, wrote:
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Get an Adaptec 2906 PCI SCSI card and an external or internal SCSI Zip  
drive there are drivers supported up to Win 7 for it.


Re: IOMega Parallel Port Zip Drive not supported in Windows 7 x64
On 1/2/20 1:08 AM, wrote:
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They also made internal-mount IDE interface zip drives.

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