Windows 10 on AMD X2 3800+ ?


I used WinToUSB to install Windows 10 on a 128 USB/Flash stick.

Windows 10 ISO used was:


(UnOfficial RTM)

During boot windows 10 hangs and a blue windows logo can be seen.

Nothing else happens. I waited for 45 mins or so before resetting this PC.

I then proceeded to complete the installation on a Toshiba L670 laptop.

And it installed beautifull and worked beautifull.

I then tried the same USB stick in an older laptop with iCore 3

This is an HP ProBook 4520s.

Here Windows 10 also works beautifull though a bit slower.

So after installation I tried the PC again and it seems like it hangs.

Perhaps I should wait a bit longer, but the circles indicating loading do n ot display. display should be larger enough to show them, so for now my con clusion is that for some reason Windows 10 hangs during boot on Winfast mot herboard with AMD X2 3800+ processor ?!

Now I have two questions:

  1. Has anybody successfully booted Windows 10 on an AMD X2 3800+ processor ?

  1. Why does Windows 10 not boot and hang on this processor ?

Possible answers could be:

2.1 Missing instructions in processor.

2.2 Purposely build in blockade (read something about that long ago)

2.3 Some other strange issue.

2.4 Perhaps a newer ISO has a "fixed" Windows 10 software that might work ?

My Ultimate goal is to get Starwars Battlefront 2 working on this old PC, s o you can see I am very keen on getting this working.

So far this game failed to launch on both laptops. Claiming RADEON drivers version 0.0.0 bug on Windows 7.

On windows 10 on toshiba this game simply crashes back to desktop without a ny errors.

I am kinda hoping this old game might work on AMD X2 3800+ system cause it has an NVIDIA GT 1030 graphics card.

Doom (reboot from 2016) for example did work to my amazement. (Installed it on an external usb harddisk 4.5 tb from seagate, quite cool).

My tips for USB harddisks:

  1. Enable write-cache.

  1. Format to NTFS (exfat is crap driver/software/slow/freezes needs to all ocate files completely when torrenting).

  2. Find the fastest USB port on the computer by performing disk benchmark t ests to test USB speed/connectivity limitations.

Fortunately all laptops seem to have 3 usb ports, so it's possible to have:

  1. mouse attached
  2. usb/stick with windows 10 attached.
  3. usb harddisk with 4.5 tb attached.

Never thought I would need some many usb ports :)

Question for comp.lang.c:

Perhaps some C programmer wrote some hack/crack to by-pass Windows 10 CPU d etection blockade ?

Bye, Skybuck.

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I found this thread:

formatting link

It mentions the USB stick should be formatted FAT32.

However FAT32 completely sucks as it cannot support files larger than 4 GB.

So it would kinda be unusable to store the game on, however I did store the game on another usb drive, so that could circumvent this issue.

I re-formatted the USB stick to NTFS during my other game experiments.

Strangely enough WinToUSB did not re-format the stick as far as I can tell ?!

So this is where it now gets super strange and akward:

Let's suppose for a moment that it's the lack of FAT32 to blame ?!

  1. Why would the toshiba laptop boot just fine into an NTFS usb stick ?

  1. Why would the hp lapopt boot just fine into an NTFS usb stick ?

  2. Why would the socket 939/amd x2 3800 pc/processor system not boot fine into an NTFS usb stick ?!

Doesn't make much sense to me.

Unless these laptops have a more advanced BIOS which can actually boot into NTFS paritions ?!

Does this even play a role ? I do believe Windows 10 always has two paritions at least according to WinToUSB:

A boot partition and a system parition.

I am not sure what the boot partition uses as a file system ?

Is that even correct ? File systems go into paritions ?

What is partition structure ?

Hmm this getting a bit confusion.

For now I re-fuse to believe it's a FAT32 issue ?! But it might be ?!

This could mean laptop manufacturers or bios developers had to pay Microsoft for NTFS licenses or something ?!

I don't believe manufacturers would want to pay such licenses unless it was somehow free.

So far now I call BULLISK/POPPYCOCK on this hypothesis.

But for now I thought it mention it in case there is some thruth to it ?????

Bye for now, Skybuck.

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Bye, Skybuck.

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