Push buttons to change a stored value

Does anyone know of a snippet of code to allow a change in a stored value?

I'm looking at making a clock that displays local time, and every 30 seconds or so, flashes UTC time (Zulu time)

For this you can use a preset offset value for Time and Ztime, but that would require re-writing the code to the pic every time you change from Daylight Savings or change local time zones.

If I can find a snippet of code that watches for a button input, then if found, allows 1 or 2 other buttons to change a stored value (the time zone offset value) by +/- 12. it might do the job.

Anyone know of a code for this?

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Well you have two parts to the answer here, one is the code to recognise button pushes, the other is to change a value as a result of the particular button pushes, so no there probably isn't a snippet readily available.

The other thing is where do you want to store the value? I assume NVRAM so is this on your micro or external and do you already have the code for this written?

I think you just need to get on and do it yourself, you could probably get it all working in a couple of hours.

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