Re: Interfacing to parallel port dongle via USB adapter

On Wed, 02 Apr 2008 17:07:49 -0500, Paul Urbanus wrote: [snip...snip...]

Your best bet is to purchase a PCMCIA/PCCARD parallel port adapter. >Although they are a bit pricey ($100+ USD), they *should* be a faithful >emulation of the hardware port. You might have to change the >port/interrupt addresses to match the legacy addresses of 378h/278h/3BCh >for the driver software to see the port (depends on how old your dongle >software is). For a desktop machine, you should still be able to buy a >PCI parallel port card for $30-$40 USD.

Just to add a datum point to the discussion, I have tried a PCMCIA parallel port adapter (Quatech SPP-100, rev H) to drive a Needham's device programmer. Short version: Okay with printers, didn't work to drive the programmer.

This was a couple of years ago and the hardware, firmware, & drivers may well have improved since then. Probably won't hurt to give one a try, and, after all, a device programmer != a dongle.

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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