PCB Manufacturer... Any good?

Hey Everyone,

I have a design that I'm going to get manufactured and was thinking of trying out

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Has anyone heard of them/tried them before? The site looks pretty good but figured I'd see what other's thought.

Cheers. Scott

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is a professional quick turn PCB prototyping and lo w-volume production manufacturer located in China. They offer up to 100 sqcm of PCB starting at $13. PCB specs start out with

6 mil spacing, 12 mil min. hole size, 1 oz copper, 2 layers, and 4-day lead time (plus 3-4 day shipping). Tighter spacing is available for tighter spa cing down to 4 mil spacing. Small minimum drills are also available for add itional charges with drills going down to 8 mils. Up to 10 layer boards, mu ltiple colder mask colors, copper thicknesses, and other advanced options a re also available.
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Cao Caffy

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