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There is a user community for OrCad, but as a previous thread explained, it is rare to find a layout already made for some package.

The reasons are numerous:

Lots of incompatible CAD programs Each user has their own requirements of the footprint (things such as height, keepouts, paste layer etc) that are usually vastly different across the users.

Implemented layers (and layer names) will vary across users, so unless you have identically named layers with identical attributes and an identical number of them, the footprint import won't work anyway. (OrCad layout isn't particularly 'top of the line' to put it diplomatically).

The usual answer is 'make your own'



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orcad.com ?

Just a guess.


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Pooh Bear

Anyone Knows where to find 128 pins TQFP footprint for Orcad Layout ?


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Enzo Ternavasio

On Sun, 9 Oct 2005 18:17:56 +0200, "Enzo Ternavasio" wroth:

Post a reply here with the part number and manufacturer for the IC you want a footprint for and I will send you a footprint via e-mail.


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Best that you learn how to make your own footprints. With the latest version of Layout, you can use the footprint generator. Easy to make a footprint in 5 or 10 minutes of any size with the footprint generator.

Layout has lots of parts in their library. Look in the "Quad" library. They have two versions of a 128-pin QFP.

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The footprint i want is for the Cypress component :



128 - Lead Thin Plastic Quad Flatpack A128


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Enzo Ternavasio

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