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Lift design at its finest:


Re: Great UI wrote:

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They added braille. Okay it's cluttered, but it seems better putting  
them next to the buttons rather than on them so you don't press a dozen  
while searching for your floor.

Re: Great UI
On 7/11/2017 11:47 AM, Mark Storkamp wrote:
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Bolting "accessibility" onto an existing design is usually a recipe
for disaster.  You have to design with accessibility in mind, from
the start.

Note the large white (illuminatable) legends adjacent to the lowest
5 buttons don't seem to have braille translations *nor* indications
for folks unable to perceive light/dark ("Miss, could you please tell
me if this is ILLUMINATED?")

Of course, the *appearance* is the only thing that is disturbing;
a sighted user wouldn't waste much time pressing on a non-operational
LEGEND (instead of the adjoining button.  The vision impaired user
wouldn't notice the duplicity of labels as the panel would appear as
a braille label adjacent to a button (only the sighted user sees
two labels!)

*Production* keypad for the Kurzweil Reading Machine:

If you're vision impaired, what good would labels be?  And, if you're
vision impaired, you might NOT know braille! (think M.D. due to age,
diabetic retinopathy, etc. -- are you going to bother learning braille
in your 60's?  Or, if you have peripheral nerve damage from diabetes??)

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