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This really works, and it shows diagrams too, I just entered 'PLL", and lots of interesting ideas :-)

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Jan Panteltje
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Looks like it could be useful.

2007 is going to be my year of the PLL. I've been retained as expert witness to pick off a few of those ;-)

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Jim Thompson

Oddly enough, they don't have it listed on their *Projects under development* page:

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The basic engine has long had a tiny bit of intelligence Re: patents:

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BTW, the **+&btnG=Search+Patents** part of your link is just noise.

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Yes it does. It must be a frontend to the US Patent and trademark Office at

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with google searching. Google only does US patents at present.

The server at

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will only send TIFF files of patents which is a bit of a pain. I prefer the European Patent Office at
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which sends PDFs of the whole world's patents.

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John McMillan

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