Where can I obtain schematics for the newer lcd and led flat screen TV's?

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In general, from the manufacturer's parts department, or one of their authorized parts distributors. A specific make and model would be useful info to post.

Regards, Tim

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Tim Schwartz

Alas, the exclusion operator - still works fine, but the required inclusion operator + seems to have been abandoned by Google. Not just seems. I read on some google page what + does and insist on inclusion is not it.

I don't know what's wrong with them sometimes. They should have known not to get rid of it.

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You can enhance inclusion by repeating a keyword three times. Not the same as a + but definitely improving the results.


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I just had a good occasion to test this.

I wanted to find pump up the brakes and entering just that gave 7.2 meg hits with my exact phrase not first, fourth, or fifth. They didn't have the word up.

Using pump up up up the brakes I got 3.46 meg hits with all the words** in the first 7 hits, Stopped looking at that point. But by hit 6, they were not all in a row. Clearly better than the first method, above. **Not counting "the".

Using pump "up" the brakes I got 3.57 meg hits, no "up" in hit

1, 3, or 5. At least not in the excerpt.

Using "pump up the brakes" I got only 32,700 hits with the first

55 hits in a row with all 4 (four) words, and I got tired of counting at that point.

C4. using the word 3 times clearly helps, but Arfa has you beat.

Arfa, I tested quotes verus no quotes years ago but years after google started and I got the same results with quotes or without. But either I didn't choose the right search terms, or they've changed things. I think I didn't choose the right terms, although maybe when they got rid of + they improved "words". ??

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if you supply m model number i maybe able to help you as i am tv tech and have a lot of lcd/plasma manuals keep in mind i cant promise i will have the manual you need but mabye able to help you find it .


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