Good PIC programmer


I am looking for a good PIC programmer using USB and which can program a large variety of devices. Programming other uC will be an asset.

Can you please recommend me good products/supplier. I prefer to spend some good money on it since it will be a investment.

Thanks a lot

Joseph A. Zammit Malta

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I use one, it works well enough. I bought mine just over a year ago, so it's the slightly older model that they don't seem to sell anymore. No AC adapter required and it still does HVP.

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Anthony Fremont

joseph ha scritto:

Hi, my suggest is ICD2 original Microchip.

You can upgrade, and debug/program all PIC's (8/16 bit, 5V/3V3)and.... if You damage it Microchip send another ICD2 to You! Life Warranty!!


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