PIC Programmer needed

I'm in need of a PIC programmer.

Looking for someone to write appropriate MPASM or PIC BASIC software in order for me complete a home/hobby design project. I am strictly an analog guy and know nothing about PIC programming.

The application is very basic and should not require any major software programming.

I do not have much money to spend but am willing to offer something reasonable as a hobbyist.

Anyone interested in a weekend PIC programming project, for a few dollars, email me at snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com and I will forward you details of the project.

Thanks in advance.

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"acertm1" wrote

I advise getting somebody local who can come over and help troubleshoot the system.

Doing this sort of thing over the telephone wires is hard even for those who have been doing it for 20 years, have identical working systems at each end and both are engineers conversant in the source code.

If your system is one-of and that doesn't yet work (no PIC, yah?) and who's programming is done over the net then two people who should be friends will soon be enemies.

There are some lessons one has to learn for oneself, and who knows - you might have success.

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Nicholas O. Lindan

Try a local college or even a high school. Students need 'projects' to complete any electronics tech. course at colleges, at least up here, so they get experience doing your project and you'ld get the unit. jay

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j.b. miller

The consensus is to do it locally, or roll-your-own. It's not that hard...

Nice, neat, simple, full-features PIC programming language:

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Nice, full-featured PIC/AVR/EEPROM programmer:

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Having the ability to do it all yourself: Priceless.

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Mark Jones

And don't mis the number one PIC resource (after the Mircochip site, of course):

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Webshop for PICs and other electronics
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