From the AVR EMC app note

Quite amusing

"Don't get confused by the similarities between 4 kV ESD testing, 4 kV fast transient burst testing and 4 kV surge. The voltages are the same, but the energy behind them is totally different. Dropping a small rock on your foot may hurt, but you will still be able to walk. Dropping a large rock from the same height will most likely cause severe damage to your foot. Doing this 250 times per second will reduce your shoe size permanently. When the surge boulder falls, you'd rather be somewhere else."



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funny, written by someone who likes his job, and probably very good at it

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You have just encouraged me to get more exercize and to eat more fruits and vegetables.


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John Larkin

Hello Pete,

Really nice. Now imagine the next level: Testing defibrillator safety.

5kV thundering out of a 32uF cap, through an inductor and into your circuit.

When TUEV insisted that I demonstrate that live in front of him I said "Ok". Got the huge test bed and when he saw that you could see him slowly moving his chair away from the table. Afterwards some PCs had frozen up (told'em to backup...) and the PBX needed a master reset.

Regards, Joerg

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