32 bit counter, Infineon XC167 App. note search

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I have need for a 32 bit free running counter, preferably with latched
The part (Infineon XC167) has lots of 16 bit timers and also 16 bit
timers in the capture/compare units that look like they can do the
job.  I see a few potential 'gotchas' and so would like to read
through an app note on the subject.  I've been to the Infineon site
and a couple of other possible sources but so far no luck.  I'd
apreciate hearing about possible sources of information.


Re: 32 bit counter, Infineon XC167 App. note search

 Thanks for the response.

I have 'DAVE'.  It does not support the XC167 and, except for fluff
code, it generates assembler, extremly verbose assembler.  In the
listing every register on the part gets set and the registers are not
necessarily grouped logically.  Fiddleing with all the individual bits
will be more straightforward than wading through all that.
I know how to make a 32 bit timer, I can think of several ways using
the XC167.  What I'd like is to look over some application notes on
various recommended ways.

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