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Idiot Comcast worker.

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Yeah He could have placed cones much farther up the road and moved to the right a bit more too.

That pickup truck driver shouldn't have even been on the road. Did you see how "gracefully" he stopped a couple of houses down from when he rear ended the car ? WoW !

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Why would the cameraperson think Comcast gives a shit?

I doubt that truck guy gets paid enough to give a shit.

Hell, they'd probably fire him if they learned he used *five* cones in a four-cone zone, let alone more. Can you imagine?

Be curious as hell what the police thought. If he even called the police at all. Or if they ever came. (I mean, with the accidents and disruption of traffic, you'd hope they showed up, eventually.)

The safer course of action would've been to call the police and make them aware of the public hazard, then crack a beer and sit back on the front porch and watch the shitshow.


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Tim Williams

That was my thought, put the cones farther apart. The guy seemed clueless that there was a problem and he was the cause and could be the solution.

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if there were 20 cones, the same thing would happen just further back

people are idiots for driving so fast on ice

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anyone having trouble was driving too fast for the conditions.

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Jasen Betts

Like there is any other kind? Art

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