TTY ldisc work item is hanging

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Hi All,

From my virtual tty device, I am pushing data to the TTY layer as

static int vs_rx_data(u8 *buf, int size, struct dev_info *dev)
    int ret_val 3D% 0;
    LOG_INFO("In vs_rx_data \n");
    if(dev->vs_dev.tty 3D%3D NULL)
      LOG_ERR("tty is null!!\n");
        return 0;
    ret_val 3D% tty_insert_flip_string(dev->vs_dev.tty, buf, size);
    if(size !3D% ret_val)
        LOG_ERR("vs_rx_data 3D%3D> tty_insert_flip_string returned[%d],
requested [%d]\n", ret_val, size);
    return ret_val;

For this virtual TTY device, 93%low_latency94% is set to ZERO and the TTY
line discipline is PPP. So every time when I do, tty_flip_buffer_push,
the TTY layer will schedule a work item and call flush_to_ldisc(),
which calls ldisc function ppp_asynctty_receive().

1)    This path is working as far as I do some low amount of traffic( Say
2)    But when I do extensive traffic, after sometime, the ldisc flushing
work item in TTY layer is not getting called anymore. What could be
the reason?
3)    I found that the tty_flip_buffer_push() is scheduling the work item
always. But the worker function is not called (ie flush_to_ldisc()
4)    So this means the worker is dying/got corrupted. But at the same
time the kernel is fully functioning(like other tasklet/worker/
interrupts etc.)
5)    How do I debug this situation further?. How to check whether the
worker thread is still alive and in good condition?

Any help is really appreciated.


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