Looking for 6.29 MHz crystal

I'm looking for a 6.29 MHz crystal, or resonator; must be passive. I have already tried Digikey and all the usual online sources. Google had a few hits, but nothing panned out.

Any suggestions?


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I'd suggest calling Cal Crystal Lab

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If they don't have one in stock they can probably make one for you in short order.

From my own (single) dealing with them a few years ago, and on what I've heard from one or two other folks, Cal Crystal seems to be distinctly friendly to individual purchasers... I got great support and a good price for a hand-selected crystal I needed.

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Dave Platt

We placed a couple of orders with them at work. Good results. They happened to have the frequency we needed in stock.

I forget the value. It was used in some industry but wasn't very popular. We needed low jitter so we couldn't use the normal quick-turn cusome places like Fox that use PLLs.

I think I learned about them from here.

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Hal Murray

I agree, I have used them since the 70's and they have never had a problem getting me custom frequencies in no time and they are very friendly toward small quantity purchasers. Most of my weird stuff has been one offs.

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James Beck

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