identify potentiometer manufacturer?

Hoping someone can help me identify a manufacturer logo.

This is for a 12mm rotary potentiometer, out of a piece of equipment that's about 5 years old (but the small company that made it is out of business and incommunicado). The example I'm looking at has no markings other than a manufacturer logo. I'm hoping someone can point me to the right manufacturer. The logo looks sort of like a side view of Saturn with rings; or a flying saucer; or perhaps a pair of partly-open lips; or a bit like the Linear Technology logo only horizontal rather than at 45 degrees. Basically a circle that's been stretched out at the equator to form two pointy angles. There is no text nor symbols inside it.

I can't draw it with the proper horizontal alignment in ASCII, but here's an attempt that's 90 degrees rotated:

^ ( ) v

I need a pot similar to this for a new design; I'm certainly going to have to have these custom made, but the manufacturers I know about don't even offer the options I'm looking for, so if I can find the original mfr I'll have a head start.


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Not a lot to go on really. Is it single hole panel mount, pcb mount as for use say as volume control on amplifier, through hole pcb mount trimpot, slotted shaft pre-set or knob, is it linear or log law etc.? All those things are helpful to know. What is the resistance for instance? Without that information as a starting point you will be wasting your time.

Assuming you know the resistance and can guess from its function whether it is linear or log law, the best you can do is to look through all the various items you can find on the web from parts suppliers and see if you can see something similar. You can forget the custom made angle... unless you want a minimum 100,000 pcs or more and a wait of 6 months or more. I am sure that you can find something suitable off the shelf.

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I'm not trying to find a replacement for the pot that I have; I'm trying to buy a different pot that shares some of the same mechanical characteristics. What I'm trying to do is identify the manufacturer of that pot, so that I can go to them and see if they can make me a customized pot to my specs. What I was hoping was that someone would be able to identify the logo, since it's the only clue to the manufacturer.

I am certain that the maker of the equipment that this pot came from did not purchase more than 5,000 or so pots - not 100,000 by any means. An MOQ of

5,000 would be acceptable to me assuming the price was right, and lead time of 4-6m would also be acceptable if that's what it takes. In past dealings with pot mfrs I've seen MOQs and lead times quite a bit better than that for pots that are just nonstandard combinations of their standard options (ie, bushing style A with shaft style C and terminal style Q). The problem here is simply that the pot mfrs I know about don't offer all the options that this pot I'm looking at contains.

I don't see how it will help identify the mfr, but anyway: 12mm pot; 9Mx.75 bushing, 3/8" long; metal 6mm (EIA S148) knurled shaft; PCB mount with terminals formed to the rear and mounting tabs on rear of pot. Must be available in audio (A) taper.

But again, I'm mainly hoping that someone can identify the manufacturer, based on the logo, which is like a circle that has been stretched out to form points at the equator so that it looks a bit like a flying saucer end-on.

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Post a picture on ABSE to see if anyone recognizes it.

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