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Hi Folks!

Who knows this manufacturer´s label?

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The component is an Mosfet-Gate-Driver, but I have never seen the logo on the component. Does someone knows or recognize this logo?

Greetings and thanks LOM

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I seem to recall seeing advertizing for this part, and thinking the 'spin' to be a little over the top - but it's a major branding and trade-mark error for anything intended for marketing in North America.

Possibly the mfr is/was Alpha & Omega out of PRChina, or maybe a Micrel spin-off (EzAnalog...).

You should be able to get some idea of the pinout from the application layout.

"E3" is an EU initiative....


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Thanks for Answer! The pinout is reasonably clear, but one of the drivers seems to be broken and I would like to arrange a new ...


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