Potentiometer Markings

I am having the hardest time finding out the specs on a set of potentiometers that I got somehow. Basically I just need to know what the maximum impedance of each is and if they are linear or logarithmic. Following are the markings on them.

R 101

805 C

R 102

041 C

R 103

122 C

R 104

013 C

R 105

124 C

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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100 Ohm

1000 Ohms
10,000 Ohms.
100,000 ohms.
1 Meg

Hows that?, as for the other numbers ? I don't know.. btw, the third digit is the multiplier.

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Set the pot to its midpoint. The highest ohmmeter reading across any 2 terminals is the resistance (NOT "impedence") of the part. If the reading between the midpoint and each end are equal, the part is linear.

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Can you identify their manufacturer ? Value and law codings on pots vary to some degree by manufacturer.


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For resistance, measure end to end with an ohmmeter.

For taper, set the potentiometer to half scale and measure from end to middle. With linear taper, this will give you 50% of the total resistance; with audio taper, a bit under 20%.

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