I want to move my Stereo IR sensor

I've been searching the net and can't find anything definite, but I am having problems controlling my stereo (actually a Logitech speaker system with an infrared remote) due to where I have the control box located. I would like to remove the IR sensor led from the control box and extend it using about 30' of cable. I am thinking (and read an old post) that I could use shielded microphone wire, using the shield as ground, and the twisted pair inside for the other two leads. Will this work? The IR sensor is a pain to get at-I'll have to cut the leads and do some CAREFUL soldering which I can do, but I don't think I can put it back if it doesn't work. I have the control unit in a cabinet and would like to have the sensor mounted by my monitor. How much sensitivity will I lose using that length of cable, and/or will it work at all?

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Have you considered buying a remote control extender ?

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Regards, Ben

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Ben wrote: Have you considered buying a remote control extender ?

I've looked at that option, but the unit is well within range (I've considered mirrors and a small glass window in the cabinet too), It's just that I have a setup in my bedroom with a monitor mounted from the ceiling, with all wiring run through the attic to it, and all the components tucked away out of sight (I have a Mac Mini, EyeTV, Logitech speaker system setup), and I want to keep it that way. Everything has led's on it and I don't like having a multi-colored stack of gear glowing in the room when I go to sleep. I'd just like to be able to place the sensor so I can aim at the TV (monitor). Another question would be, if I can run that cable length, could I just add another sensor to the circuit by soldering the cable to the leads on the PCB? Would that damage it & would I have to know the frequency? here's a sensor I found on the net

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or could I get one out of an old stereo or something?

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The IR units I've seen have a simple open-drain output.

The data rate is pretty slow. I'd expect it to work on the end of some cable. You might want to make the pullup smaller and/or include a bypass cap mounted at the IR unit.

Can you find a part number? It might help to check the data sheet.

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Hal Murray

FWIW, I've done this to an old cable TV box and it worked fine. The cable length was 25 feet or so. YMMV.

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