Anyone know the pinout of these TCXO's

I won an eBay auction for some temperature compensated crystal oscillators.

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Anyone know the pinout of these, or any spec? I know the company is still in business and have asked them, but so far no response.

Dr. David Kirkby,
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On Tue, 05 Apr 2005 23:07:55 +0100, David Kirkby put finger to keyboard and composed:

Would these be similar?

- Franc Zabkar

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Franc Zabkar

Cheers. I don't actually have them here, so I can't really see what pin(s) are grounded in them. Are these things normally the same pinout from different manufactuers - like 8 pin opamps usually use 2 and 3 for inputs, 7 for V+ etc?

Clearly if I run them from 5 and they are designed for 3.3, they might just get damaged. Conversely if they are designed for 5 and I run them from 3.3 they might work, but not give optimal temperature compensation. As you can see, I only paid $1 each, but I'd like to try to get the spec, but the company has so far not answered my message sent via their web site (or perhaps it was email, I can't recall).

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Manufacturer: Kyocera Kinseki Japan They do not list any details of this type on the net, but they have similar in the same housing, i.e. (VC-)TCXO-145CB.

More info here:

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...or perhaps contact them:

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Regards Fritz DK6QI

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Fritz Wue

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