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I completed a schematic and layout in Orcad 9.2.3. Then I needed to change the type of some connectors in the schematic, from 5 to 3 pin, as well as re-route some traces in the schematic. I created a new netlist from the schematic.

Now, how can I make the layout I did take in the updated netlist?

It would be nice to go into the layout and determine which netlist it is using, is there a way to do this?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Roger Zimmerman

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Roger Zimmerman
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You need to be in the environment where you see your project as a bunch of folders (just after opening you .opj file). Highlight your .dsn folder and go to Tools|Create Netlist... The rest should be apparent.

Layout is looking for a change in file creation date/time of the .mnl file (Masstech(sp?) netlist). Make sure Capture writes the .mnl file in the proper directory. When Layout detects a change in the .mnl file, the ECO process will automatically start. If you are changing a component's footprint, you need to choose an ECO type that will respond to footprint changes or manually change the footprint in Layout (easier to do if only one or two parts). Any net changes will be properly dealt with in the ECO process.

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Thanks for you input. It is working now.

I saw that when I created the netlist, I didn't have Layout/Run ECO To Layout selected.



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Roger Zimmerman

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