Is it possible to use Cadence on Linux platforme?

When you use these programs under Windows, how much of your time is spent waiting for the computer, compared to the time the computer is waiting for you to plan your next move? I know that, with Protel, the computer spends _much_ more time waiting for me than I spend waiting for the computer.

In any case, I suspect that a Windows program running under an emulator (I know WINE is not an emulator...) on linux will be no faster than the same program under Windows on a comparable machine.

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Hello, everybody. Can someone advise me how to use Cadence and Mentor Grafic software for PCB Design on Linux computer? I tryed to install Cadence and Mentor software to Red Hat Linux with Wine. My task is to increase the productivity of computer (I read that programs work much quicker under Linux.) Is it true? and is it possible to get that power of Linux? I will appreciate any advice. Best Regards Slav.

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Slav Mit.

To increase productivity, uninstall FreeCell and don't let people go to

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on company time. The odds are far greater that the program is waiting for the user than the user is waiting for the program.


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