Converting Eagle scripts between version 4.16 and version 4.09


I have drawn up a schematic using the freeware version of Eagle, and I want to share it with a friend who has version 4.09, but it is not compatible. However, he has a fully registered version and so obviously simply upgrading is not an option. The best option seems to be for me to simply use 4.09 freeware for this project, but the trouble is a couple of libraries I use (an SD card socket and the Propeller chip for example) are not available. Also, I can't directly load or use a netscript to simply load up my schematic in the old version.

I was wondering if anyone can point me too some info on the changes to the scripts between these versions so I can save as a script in 4.16, manually alter the script to the 4.09 format, and then load it up in the older version. I have not managed to find documentation on this scripting language for either version. :-(

Thanks for any help,


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Hi Ken,

I believe there is a script in the download section at

formatting link
that will export a layout to a script. You can then use that script to reload the design. I'm not sure how well it handles the version boundary, but in theory it should be possible. Some of the syntax changed (specifically with arcs if I recall) with version 4.1.

I've never used it and I'm not sure how well its been maintained. Good luck.


James Morrison
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