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i have used my own software for doing board work and circuit drawing etc.., its a nice IDE drag & Drap system. i did this after looking at various programs already out there before. none of them gave me what i was looking for. i also needed a custom interface to drive my XYZ sprayer i made to image the copper clad instead of using photo methods. it's slow but it works. anyways, i been thinking of first passing around some shareware and then later on marketing. for mass production items i have simply been sending out images of the boards, holes, labels to a place when i need a lot of boards made. --- anyways, i think that i must be able to support some common file generated streams of known macro and script languages. one of them comes to mind is the Gerber 274D and X i think it is.

i have the DOC's on the format, what i can't find is do i need some kind of agreament to publish my app that will gerenate files in this format? license maybe?

can some one elaborate on other commonly used generated formats that board makers like to use ?

P.S. the app also helps me in designing the cabinet, hardware anchores, templates, panel prints ect. they all fit into a single project, so i can create a board for example, locate some achore studs, desinate the location in a cabinet for the screw whole locations, any changes are made to either, ther other will respond to a recalilation or warning indicating that it can not be performed and must go to the other part of the project to alter its lay out if the use wants to do the actual chance. this means, when i use pots, sockets, connectors etc, their sizez are put into the equations. most of the most common one's i have in libs now so its easy to pop them in .

ok, hope to hear some input on this.

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Hello Jamie,

The Gerber file format can be used freely. Everybody does, and without any objection of anybody. The same goes for the Excellon drill format.

It is brave of you to write your onw CAD software. I'm curious to see it. I too am not so happy with the software available.

I used to work for ULTImate Technology (now merged with Electronics Workbench

formatting link
and designed a schematic and PCB CAD package (1985 - 1991). Later I designed the core of their ULTIboard 2000 / V7 series.

I would be nice to help implement my new ideas somewhere. I keep getting them.....

Sander Kool

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Sander Kool

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