What are these Altronics "Ferrules"

Anyone know what these "Ferrules" from Altronics are for.

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They come in about six different diameters. None of the 3 staff there knew what they were for, and neither do I but they look useful.

Cheers John

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Stephen Robinson

{:-), so you brought some? Now you know what they are "useful" for.

I think the same about fishing lures.

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Ferrules are contact joiners, you might call them spade connectors.

The ferrules in the link above are not spade connectors, because they are cylindrical only.

They fit over some shaft or into some cylinder... but otherwise are just like spade connectors.

spade connectors are also called ferrules.

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Brad Hogan

Ferrules are pretty common , get crimped into a "crescent moon" shape and pushed into screw terminal blocks . Used in Low voltage & mains applications.

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This is not true.

valiumboy (above) has given the correct answer.

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On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 11:26:46 GMT, "Brad Hogan" put finger to keyboard and composed:

All my catalogues show spade terminals as having flat mating surfaces (because they look like spades?), whereas ferrules are depicted as round. QC terminals with cylindrical ends are "bullet" receptacles.

The dictionary also defines a ferrule as a "metal ring or cap strengthening end of stick or tube". The etymology has some relationship to "bracelet".


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