Fixed - JVC DV camera lens stuck?

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Hi, camera is fixed. I called a local repair guy, who advised that the
CCD was gone, and that 9/10 of these cameras fail for this reason. He
recommended that I take the camera to the JVC dealer in town for them
to provide a quote, and then approach JVC.

I did exactly this, and they quoted $345 to fix the CCD. I didn't tell
them that I had also been elsewhere. I then call JVC Australia to
advise the issue I had, and JVC called me back on the same day to say
that they will be fixing the camera under warranty, and had already
called the dealer telling them to go ahead with the repair.

Of course I am happy with this, and just wanted to thank the people
hear that advised me to approach JVC to ask for their assistance. It
was good to find some companies that do have some sort of loyalty


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Newsgroups: aus.electronics
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 00:13:15 +1030
Local: Sat, Jan 15 2005 5:43 am
Subject: JVC DV camera lens stuck?
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Hi, we have a JVC DV camera 16x optical and 700x digital zoom, model #
GR-D70AA that is 18 months old now. It now displays a "lens cap" and
auto-focus error messages on the display, and also shows no picture on
LCD or the B/W viewfinder. Normal picture if you playback a known
There only seems to be one repairer here in Adelaide for JVC, and I
have a personal loan to pay for the expected quote. Anyone found this
before, and there anything I could look at first?


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